I am so thankful to you Marci, you are an angel sent from heaven to me. You have made it possible for me to have come this far wittrh getting my life on track. This would never have been possible without your help. Your hard work really paid off. You are uly special. Thank you simply can not describe how much I appreciate what you have given me…all I can say is that I am lucky to have you for a lawyer.
Love, Eden

Immigration law is an area in which it is easy to find exploitation. The population is desperately seeking help, usually has very limited funds, and can easily be seduced by unrealistic promises. In this area of law, Marci stands apart. She is very well informed, ethical, and takes a personal interest and cares about the well being of her clients. She explains what is possible, what the best avenues are within the present day laws. She is strategically smart, clearly well respected by the Judges she goes before and does her homework. In any given case, she gets the best possible outcome for her clients and she is fair in what she charges. She allows people to pay in installments thereby making it possible for more to be able to use her services. I given an unqualified “thumbs up” to using Marci for immigration issues.”
Cathy C.

Marci went above and beyond to help me with my asylum case process. She was very courteous and respectful. The service is what it promises to be. There were no unexpected legal fees during the whole process. Her system is very straight forward.  She is friendly and there to serve. She does her job very professionally. She updated me with the latest status of my case and helped me get ready for my interview. She even went out of her way and referred me to her source with my mental condition, which I find it very helpful. She was there until I get everything on hand. I really appreciate what she did for me. I highly recommend Marci to everyone who needs an immigration attorney.

About a decade ago, I was in an urgent need of an Immigration Lawyer to assist with my Immigration case in the U.S.A. With the help of my American Dad and Mentor (Mr. Howard H.L.), a very kind man from the San Diego Lion’s Club, we made phone calls to several law offices in the San Diego and Los Angeles counties, but to my big desolation, none of them were willing to even grant us an appointment to hear  my case and the reason was simple.

I did not have a job, and I did not have any money of my own to pay for their services. I was devastated, scared, stressed out, sick, and couldn’t sleep nor hear right, but I could not blame them. So, I just turned to G-d and prayed. Few days later, a very respected man and a good friend to my Dad who was at that time the head of the San Diego Rescue Mission called us to his office and referred us to Attorney at Law Marci Ancel’s Office with these words: “She is a good person. She will help you.”

I still remember today the big, honest, and warm smile with which Marci welcomed us to her office. When we left her, my Dad said to me: “We came to the right person”. He was absolutely right. Marci handled my case not only successfully and with high professionalism, but also with such a humanism that will mark me for the rest of my life.

She continued to be there for me for all my other immigration needs such as getting work permits, my Green card, and up to mu U.S. Citizenship process. Today, I am a proud American putting my skills and experience as a Mechanical Engineer to the service of the U.S. Congress in Washington, and working everyday in a team of highly trained professionals to maintain the greatest landmark of our nation, the U.S. Capitol.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the input of Attorney at Law Marci Ancel. Professionals and Americans like Marci are the ones who make this World a better place for all of us and America the greatest nation in the world. For me, Marci is not just my immigration Lawyer, but my big sister who helps me to perceive and understand better the America values and what it means to be an American.
Jacques O.

I approached the Law Firm of Marci Ancel for an immigration application that was not going to be one of the “usual” cases, but she handled it in a very professional and efficient manner, giving my three kids and I all the time we needed to ask questions and understand our options. She was very involved in helping us obtain our green card. I would have no hesitation recommending Marci Ancel for immigration and other cases needing “first-class legal work”. Marci Ancel is just wonderful and the best. She was our guardian angel, in one of our helpless times, especially when my husband was out of the country and she was the only person we could count on. We are amazed and very grateful with her work. Best service, best advice, best information, best personality, just an angel…. very simply put, we love her! If somebody/anybody asks us for an immigration lawyer, without any doubt there is only one name I would recommend: Marci Ancel.
Coty S.

I highly recommend Marci Ancel’s legal services. Every time I called her office, I got a live receptionist, and Marci was always available including the first time I called. While other attorney’s quoted me flat rates, she priced my case by the particular detailed involved. Marci had a personal touch with the case, when my wife and I were very tired from battling with the Ho Chi Mich City (HCMC) Consulate, she was a helping hand. I will definitely use her again for future processing, and I am pleased with the results.
Thomas and Jenny

I had the pleasure of having Attorney Marci Ancel represent me to have the conditional status of my residency removed after my divorce. I have to say that the first time we met in her office and she told me that she was confident that she would win my case, I honestly felt she could. My stress level at the time was sky high but just speaking to her for a few minutes I honestly felt I had nothing to worry about. Mrs. Ancel genuinely cares for her clients and works to provide nothing but the best results possible. She was very helpful throughout the entire process and her staff was great Fortunately right after she won the case I was able to return to work as a Registered Nurse and I am now happily married, great home and a daughter on the way. I can not thank Marci Ancel enough for the work she did for me and allowed for me to continue living in the United States. I look forward to acquiring her services soon to assist me in becoming a U.S. citizen. I have also referred two other friends to Mrs. Ancel and needless to say they had great results. Leave nothing to chance, having Attorney Marci Ancel represent you is by far the best decision you will ever make.
Javier C.

I am so happy that my case is closed with a success! For this, I’d like to thank you for all your hard work and energy to making it happen. Thank you so much! Happy Holidays!

We just wanted to say and extra special “Thank you!” for your services during my residency claim. It made all the difference in the world to have your confidence and expertise when dealing with such a complicated and overwhelming system. We appreciate your honesty, patience and understanding throughout. Not being approved was unthinkable so thank you for getting us through this swiftly but most of all successfully!
Jennifer and Dan

Thank you! We feel safe and happy now! Thanks for helping even when and where there was no professional obligation.
Rahel and Tsion

Thank you for doing a great job for me. I very much appreciate your close attention to my case and your kindness. I will not forget how you sympathize with me the first day we came to your office. Thank you again for everything.

Thank you so much for all your help. You really know how to make these things run smoothly! P.S. See you again in 2 years.
Timothy and Catherine

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. You have made all of my dreams come true. I can’t thank you enough!! I’m finally going to be a citizen!!!! You’re the best.
Love, Larissa

On behalf of the A____ family, we want to express our appreciation for all your help with Ali. We are most grateful and we will never forget your advice and counseling which turned everything around for Ali.
Thanks, M.K.

By way of this note, I would like to extend thanks and appreciation for all your support and assistance in establishing our status. It was a long endurance test, but the moment I shook your hand I did relax. Thank you for taking care of us. David and I are excitedly awaiting our first grandchild in the spring- what a wonderful beginning.
Fondly, Michele

I have finally received my work permit card and would like to thank you again for your wonderful work. You can’t imagine how much good you have done for me but don’t worry, I will keep reminding you. Thank you for everything.

​”Please accept our deep rooted thanks from heart for all your positive assistance! Once again thank you! We will always remember you and will keep in touch whenever we have the chance.
Yours, Abraham and Terhas